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Prof. Yican Wu
Director, Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director, Key Lab. of Neutronics and Radiation Safety, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Deputy Director, ADS Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Leader, FDS Team


Ph.D., Nuclear Energy Science & Engineering, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1992
M.S., Reactor Physics , Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1988
B.S., Reactor Engineering & Safety Xi'an Jiaotong University, 1985


Research Areas

Professor Wu's research includes both basic and applied research, involves theory, modeling, experiments, design, and analysis of advanced nuclear systems. The research can be divided into 6 areas:

• Nuclear Reactor Physics
• Nuclear Reactor Materials
• Nuclear Reactor Engineering
• Systems Engineering and Safety
• Digital Simulation and Visualization
• Radiation Medical Physics


Research Projects

As the leader/chief-scientist of projects, he was/is in charge of more than 20 scientific research projects such as:

• International cooperation projects under the IAEA/IEA/ITER organizations
• National Basic Research and High-Tech R&D projects (863) under MOST
• National Fundamental Research Projects under NSFC
• National Mega-projects of Science & Engineering under SCDR
• Fundamental Research Projects under CAS
• International bilateral cooperation projects
• Domestic bilateral cooperation projects


Key Research Topics include:

• Conceptual Design of Advanced Reactors (Fusion/Fission/ADS etc.)
• Fusion Reactor Blanket Technology Development (Liquid Blanket etc.)
• Low Activation Reactor Material Development (CLAM steel etc.)
• Fusion/Fission/Hybrid Neutronics (Theory/Modeling/Codes etc.)
• Accurate/Advanced Radiotherapy Physics and Technology
• Reliability and Safety of Complex System
• ……

Key Professional Activities


• Chair, InternationalEnergyAgency (IEA) Executive Committee of Implementing Agreement on Environmental, Safety and Economic Aspects of Fusion Power
• Vice Chair,InternationalEnergyAgency (IEA) Executive Committee of Implementing Agreement onNuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors
• Consultant, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Compact Fusion-Fission Hybrid System
• Expert, TBM Program Committee of ITER International Organization
• Member, Working Group on Licensing for Design Review, ITER International Organization
• Member, IEA Executive Committee of Implementing Agreement on Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors
• Member,Computational Medical Physics Working Group (CMPWG) of ANS
• Co-Chair, International Program Committee of ISFNT-11
• Member, International Advisory Committee of ICFRM-13/-14/-15
• Member, Program Committee /International Scientific Committee of ICENES-15/-16
• Chair, Interntional Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Research (NURER-2016)
• Editor, Fusion Engineering and Design (Scholarly Journal published by Elsevier)
• ………



• Vice Chair,Nuclear Material Division, CNS
• Vice President, China Society of Radiation Protection
• Vice Chair,Nuclear Safety Division, CNS
• Chair, Reactor Physics and Nuclear MaterialDivision, CNPS
• Vice Chair,Committee of Computer , Nuclear Electronics &Detection Technology Division, Chinese Institute of Electronics
• Member, Standing Committee of Radiation Physics Division,CNS
• Member,Expert Committee of National Magnetic Confinement Fusion,MOST
• Member, National Technical Committeeof Standardization for Nuclear Energy
• Member,Expert Committee of Nuclear Safety and Environment, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China
• Editor, Chinese Journal of Nuclear Science and Engineering (Scholarly Journal published by CNS)
• …………


Academic Honors & Awards

Professor Wu won many honors and awards for his outstanding accomplishment, including more than 10 important science and technology awards, the selected honors and awards are as follows:
• Special government allowances of the State Council(2013)
• National Pacesetter Project by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security(2013)
• National Outstanding Contributions of Young Experts by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (2013)
• The Third Prize ofAnhui Provincial ExcellentScience Papers(2013)
• The First Prize of Science and Technology Award for National Energy(2011)
• The First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Nuclear Energy Association (2010)
• The First Prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award(2009)
• The Top 100 Excellent Papers Prize of China (2006、2007、2008、2009)
• The First Prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award (2006)
• The Excellent Post-graduates’ Advisor Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2006)
• The Top 10 Young Talents Prize of Anhui Province (2001)
• …………


Academic Publications

Professor Wu has published more than 400 papers in academic journals and international conferences,five of them were selected into “Essential Science Indicators (ESI)” and “highly Cited Papers (last 10 years)”。

Cultivation of Talents

• More than 60 graduates won their Ph.D in the past 5 years
• more than 15 graduates have become a professor
• More than25 graduates have become an associate professor
• More than 10 persons won the 1st provincial or ministerial level academic prizes


*For more detailed information, please see the website: www.fds.org.cn