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Research Areas
  • Neutronics and Critical Safety

    Fission/fusion/hybrid nuclear energy system; Fuel cycle and development strategy of nuclear energy; Reactor physics and fuel management; Fusion reactor blanket physics; Neutronics theory and experiment; etc.

  • Nuclear Material and Component Safety Technology

    Nuclear material design and fabrication; Coolant loop technology; R&D of the key equipment of nuclear reactor; Neutron irradiation experiment and simulation; Structure material corrosion resistance; Comprehensive service performance assessment; Equipment failure analysis and related database; etc.

  • Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics and Accident

    Reactor thermal-hydraulic design and analysis, Reactor mechanics and structural safety, Transient safety and accident assessment, Thermal-hydraulic and safety assessment software development and V&V, Safety system design and validation; Heat transfer enhancement technology, etc.

  • Nuclear System Operation and Control Technology

    Digital reactor simulator technology, Refueling system and remote operation technology, Ergonomics for advanced reactor, Instrument and control system, etc.

  • Radiation Protection and Environmental Impact

    Radiation monitoring technology; Radionuclide migration diffusion; Environmental impact assessment; Personnel security interlock; Radiation safety simulation; Biological effect of radiation; Nuclear ecological security; etc.

  • Nuclear Software and Simulation

    Nuclear software development standards; Automatic modeling; Scientific visualization and virtual simulation; Cloud computing and collaborative scientific research; Nuclear cloud and big data technology; Multi-physics coupling and integrated simulation; Digital nuclear reactor and virtual nuclear power plant; and nuclear informatics; etc.

  • Reliability and Probabilistic Safety

    Safety design approach for advanced reactors; Safety regulation and assessment technology; Probabilistic safety assessment; Reliability analysis; Risk management technology; Fault diagnosis; etc.

  • Nuclear Technology Application

    Physics and technology of accurate radiotherapy including photon, electron, proton, ion, neutron; Radiation imaging; Nuclear logging (oil, coal, natural gas etc.); Medical informatization; etc.

  • Nuclear Energy Chemistry Safety

    Advanced nuclear fuel fabrication and cycle; Nuclear waste separation and management; Water and iodine-chemistry under radiation field; etc.

  • Nuclear Emergency and Culture

    Emergency monitor and mitigation for nuclear accidents; Emergency planning and commanding; Nuclear accident prevention methodology; Energy economics; etc.