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Research Areas
  • Neutronics and Critical Safety

    Neutronics theory and experiment, fission/fusion/hybrid nuclear energy system, fuel cycle and development strategy of nuclear energy, reactor physics, fusion reactor blanket physics and radiation shielding, etc.

  • Nuclear Material and Equipment Safety Technology

    Design and fabrication technology of advanced nuclear materials, comprehensive service performance assessment of nuclear materials, R&D of coolant loop technology and the key equipment of nuclear reactors, and equipment failure analysis and related database, etc.

  • Nuclear Thermal-hydraulics and Accident

    Reactor thermal-hydraulic design and analysis, reactor mechanics and structural safety, transient safety and accident assessment, thermal-hydraulic and safety assessment software development and V&V, high efficient thermoelectric conversion system design and development, safety system design validation and heat transfer enhancement technology, etc.

  • Chemical Safety of Nuclear Energy

    Chemical safety of liquid-metal coolant, fusion tritium recycling and safety, tritium safety of nuclear waste and water radiolysis safety in high energy neutron environments, etc.

  • Radiation Protection and Environmental Impact

    Radioactive source term and radionuclide migration, radiation monitoring and protection technology, radioactive waste disposal and management, environmental impact assessment, human radiation safety simulation, biological effect of radiation and nuclear ecological safety, etc.

  • Nuclear System Operation and Control Technology

    Nuclear system instrument and control technology, refueling system and remote operation technology, ergonomics for advanced reactor and reactor simulator technology, etc.

  • Nuclear Software and Simulation

    Accurate modeling and high performance computing, scientific visualization and virtual simulation, nuclear cloud computing and big data technology, multi-physics coupling and integrated simulation, digital nuclear reactor and virtual nuclear power plant, nuclear informatics and nuclear software development standards, etc.

  • Reliability and Probabilistic Safety

    Safety design criteria for advanced reactors, safety regulation and assessment technology, probabilistic safety assessment, reliability analysis, risk monitoring and control, and fault diagnosis, etc.

  • Extended Nuclear Technology Application

    Physics and technology of cancer accurate radiotherapy including photon, electron, proton, ion, neutron; small-sized mobile neutron radiography devices for drug and explosive detection, detection systems integrated to personal mobile communication terminal and radiation safety monitoring for low dose environment, etc.

  • Nuclear Emergency and Culture

    Nuclear accident evolution, virtual-reality based nuclear accident emergency drilling and education, nuclear accident emergency decision making and commanding, consequence evaluation and nuclear ecology, risk perception and nuclear safety culture and nuclear safety policy and energy economics, etc.