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Overview of FDS Team


FDS Team (the Team for Frontier Development of Science), founded in 1986, has been devoting to the design and R&D of advanced nuclear energy and safety technology. As a cooperative, multidisciplinary research team, it takes the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as the core, and the jointly invested companies including China Atomic Energy Technology Co., Ltd., CAS SuperSafety Science & Technology Co., Ltd., and CAS SuperAccuracy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. as the technology industrialization platforms and collaborates closely with other scientific research institutes domestically and aboard. Its research areas mainly include neutron physics, advanced fission energy, fusion energy, and extended nuclear technology applications.

FDS Team now has more than 600 core members, with 80 percent researchers achieving PhD degrees. It has undertaken more than 200 domestic and international projects, including the National Basic Research Program of China (“973 Program”), National High-tech R&D Program of China (“863 Program”), National Key R&D Program of China, Mega Program of Natural Science Foundation of China, Strategic Priority Research Program of CAS, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) related domestic and international projects, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and International Energy Agency (IEA) cooperation projects, etc.

Several academic institutions and industrial organizations have been initiated and established by FDS Team, such as the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, CAS, the Key Laboratory of Neutronics and Radiation Safety, CAS, International Co-operative Alliance for Small LEad-based Fast Reactors, China Industry Innovation Alliance of Lead-based Reactor, China Industry Alliance of High-Level Radiotherapy, the Joint Research Center of Fusion Nuclear Safety, the Anhui Technical Support Center of Nuclear Emergency, the Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center of Accurate Radiotherapy, etc. FDS Team has also been appointed as the Chinese representative of lead-cooled fast reactor program in the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

Adhering to the mission of “Better Nuclear Technology, Better Life”, FDS Team has performed encouraging work which reached the world-class level in field of advanced nuclear energy. A series of hi-tech products have been developed by FDS, such as FDS Series Software, Accurate Radiotherapy System “KylinRay” and China Lead-based Mini-Reactor “CLEAR-M”. More than 1000 papers have been published and more than 300 patents have been granted. More than 10 national and provincial level awards and several international awards have been won including the European Prize for Innovation in Fusion Research, the American Nuclear Society FED Outstanding Achievements Awards and the National Natural Science Award conferred by President Xi Jinping.