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Lead-based Alloy Loop Operating at 1000ºC Becomes True at INEST•FDS Team

Author: TIAN Shujian, JIANG Zhizhong

As known, high temperature operation and high thermal conversion efficiency are very important for an efficient power generation. Lead-based alloy (such as lead, lead-bismuth and lead-lithium etc.), with the advantages of low heat capacity and high thermal conductivity, as well as potential of operating at extremely high temperature etc., has become a promising coolant for advanced reactors. And the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)•FDS Team has been engaged in lead-based reactor design and key technology research for long term.

In order to study the material behavior during an accident of the reactor under the support of ADS project from CAS, a Ultra-high temperature Materials corrosion loop named KYLIN-II (UM), which can run at 1000ºC, was successfully developed at FDS Team in October 2015. The facility is the dynamic lead-based alloy loop with maximum operating temperature in the literatures reported currently in the world. Several Key technologies have been overcome during its design and construction, such as high density heating technology and structural materials selection. The loop will also support the material development of super-high temperature (e.g.800-1000ºC) reactor, research application of hydrogen production and high temperature energy storage etc..

KYLIN-II(UM) Loop (Imaged by Huang Qunying)