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Heavy Liquid Metal Loop and Material Test Integrated Laboratory


The heavy liquid metal loop and material test integrated laboratory mainly served the development of advanced nuclear reactor structural materials and heavy liquid metal related technologies. The laboratory area is about 10000m2.


Firstly, the laboratory has a series of advanced instruments on reactor structural material tests covering material preparation and processing, material performance evaluation and analysis facilities and some material service performance testing facilities. The instruments mainly include several vacuum induction melt furnaces, a hot isotactic pressing (HIP) machine, a scanning electron microscopy, a transmission electron microscopy, a universal tensile machine, a series of creep/fatigue machines for testing in vacuum, etc.Secondly, the laboratory has series of self-developed high-temperature heavy liquid metal experimental facilities which is the largest in the world, including DRAGON series PbLi loops and KYLIN series PbBi loops. And a lead alloy cooled non-nuclear reactor named CLEAR-S is being constructed. Thirdly, the platform has a series of principle verification facilities for key components of lead-based reactor, including control rod drive package, fuel handling machine and reactor simulator, etc.