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High Intensity Neutron Generator and Radiation Technology Laboratory


The high intensity neutron generator and radiation technology laboratory aim for studying on the neutron transport, neutron protection and environmental influence, the research fields contain high intensity and high energy neutron source, advanced reactor neutronics theory, radiation protection for high energy neutron, nuclear ecology safety and environmental impact assessment. Also the laboratory can be used for the research of nuclear application for nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, oil prospecting, isotope production, neutron radiography and so on. Now, the equipment fixed assets of the laboratory is more than 1500 million yuan, with 12000m2 area and all licenses including radiation safety and nuclear security. Meanwhile, the laboratory have more than 50 research equipment, including the High Intensity D-T Fusion Neutron Generator (HINEG-I), which can produced a D-T fusion neutron yield up to 1012 n/s.